Why me?

I have an Associates of Applied Science as well as many years of relevant experience working in multiple locations for multiple companies. I am well rounded with knowledge of audio, video, lighting, and networking both in live and in production environments. I work professionally and cordially with my peers, and I always love to improve and hone my skills.


I have 8 cumulative years of AV experience, an Associate of Applied Science from Pima CC, and many extra years of volunteer AV experience on top of that.


I have knowledge in audio, video, lighting, and networking (both live and setting/striking) all from my various jobs. See below for details.


Customer service and being a team player are just as important as any technical skill. Establishing a friendly atmosphere with both customers and coworkers is important to me.

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Send me an email or give me a call with the number on my resume if you are interested.

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