I am an AV technician and web designer with an interest in technology and creativity. I enjoy doing challenging things and would excel in a job that puts my mental capacity to the test. My favorite thing in AV by far is troubleshooting; I like playing detective and deducing a problem to find a solution. I have a naturally inquisitive mind and I always like learning about the latest tech so that my skills are on point.


I have worked in multiple environments from hotels to churches to radio stations. I have done a bit of everything: live audio, audio production, audio mixing, camera operation, video editing, setting/striking, broadcasting, streaming, networking, coding, Windows administration, and using Ubuntu/Debian systems. I’ve used different types of AV equipment, examples including Beringer X32 Digital Boards, ATEM video switchers, and a few others. Basic setup of AV systems is a breeze for me, as is operating them if necessary in a live environment.


A lot of people are afraid to admit their weaknesses, but I like to be an open book. If possible, I would love to learn more about networking. I know the basics and can set up routers, switches , etc. and how to do IP assigning and LAN activities, but outside of that I have some reading to do.


Pima CC
May 2021
Associates of Applied Science
Digital Arts and Web Design


Feel free to look at my resume or ask at the interview for detailed descriptions of what I did at each job.

Target | 1 year | Tech Trainer
PSAV | 2 years | AV Technician
Catalina Foothills Church | 2 years | AV Technician
Cherry Creek Media | 4 years | Board Operator
SVNAZ | 3 years | AV Technician

Years of XP: 9 years
Cumulative years of XP: 12 years