Case Study

4k Eyecare, Eye Care & Eye Wear

4k Eyecare was a project I did for college. I wanted to make the site look futuristic and clean, to portray a medical atmosphere. I used white and various blues to do so, and also utilized drop shadows to make the site look advanced and futuristic.


The client for this site was my teacher. I was provided text and a bit of direction, but the designs were up to me. This site was for my graphic design teacher, so I payed special attention to layout and typography, while also implementing good web design practices.


The main challenge of this site was the reputation I had to construct. Many are wary of doctors, and pay specific attention to cleanliness when interacting with anyone in the medical field. I wanted the site to reflect a reputation that held both technology and cleanliness to a high degree. I wanted the site to look clean and high-tech.


I solved the challenge with animation and color use. My most used color is white, and second most used is light blue, both of which are very clean colors. I also used drop shadows and gradients to convey a futuristic and clean look, without making the content cluttered or busy.


I ended up getting an A on the project. I think this is one of my favorite sites that I have made, I very much like the futuristic and clean feel of the site.


I once again used Open Sans as my body and header typography, due to its professional feel and readability. Helvetica and Arial are its backups.


I used a blur animation for the banner to convey clarity and vision, which ties into the eye care theme. I also animated the navigation background image to draw the eye towards it.

Color Scheme:
Headerwhite and blueimage
Accentlight blue#63d1f4
Footer 1light blue#63d1f4
Footer 2dark gray#111111
Footer 3gray#222222


This looks great!

-Patti Gardiner, Professor of Digital Arts