Case Study

Cordial, A Place for Friends

Cordial is a fully functional social media site. The design is intended to be stylish but also warm and inviting. Cordial features a post system that is capable of images, videos, and text. There is also a reporting system as well as friends and profile features to accommodate its social media nature. You can make an account to see all of its functionality.


I made this site for a college assignment, so my client was the professor.He is a seasoned web developer and designer, so I needed to employ a variety of skills and designs to impress him and get a good grade. Thus, my client demanded a display of design and development skills.


The two main challenges for this site were functionality and security. As a social media site, certain functions are required such as a posting system, friends and profiles, rules, emails, etc. Security is also an issue due to possible spammers or trolls who would destroy the community of the site.


I solved both problems using various WordPress plugins. I employed the Ultimate Member plugin for user functionality, and the User Submitted Posts plugin for posting on the main wall. I also employed a report plugin to enforce the security and well-being of the site.


Cordial did very well. I shared it with many of my personal friends and they found it very easy to post and make an account. A few users even customized their account and posted content of their own.


Both the header and logo utilize the well known reputation of Times New Roman. This font fit well with the image I wanted to convey: stylish, familiar, and friendly.


I added a drop shadow to all links and the site logo to add a radiant and friendly feel to the site. When one hovers over an object of interest, it glows with a warm yellow color, inviting them to click.

Color Scheme:
Headerdark gray#2b2b2b
Bodydark gray#2a2a2a
Post Bkgdgray#4f4f4f
Header Textyellow#ffff00


Well designed site, good job!

-Greg Loumeau, Professor of Digital Arts