Case Study

Faded Midnight Arts, Web Development Services

Faded midnight Arts is a storefront website for web design, web development, and graphic design. It is my personal freelancing site and aims at delivering services to customers. I opted for a clean and modern feel for the website to establish a clean and professional ethos.


My client for the site is myself, and the audience would be any potential customers looking for a website. As a business site, I would want to establish a professional ethos and demonstrate my work with the site itself.


The challenge with this site was the audience. I had to think like a businessman as well as a web designer. “what would a customer of web design look for in a developer?” “How might I fulfil those expectations?”


I wanted an ultra-modern feel to my business site to convince customers that I was on the bleeding edge of the latest trends in web design. I chose the popular Hestia theme to establish this ethos, and edited it to my personal taste and design sense.


I established the design I wanted to and made the website to what I had envisioned. the site is modern, crisp, and minimalistic, mirroring other site of the current modern style. I focused mainly on directing the user towards my portfolio and my services, as the site waas a business site.


i chose the font Roboto because of its modern aesthetic and easy readability. I backed it up with typical common fonts such as Helvetica and Arial. I also used Open Sans with the same backups for various other headers.


I stuck to the theme animations for this site as i did not want the site to be extravagant.

Color Scheme:
Gradient 1purple#44058d
Gradient 2black#751a7d