I try my best to hone my skills in technology, art, and design. My strongest area is design; I have a knack for it, and designing comes very easily to my mind. I can design anything from a brochure to a power point to a website quickly and easily with the knowledge I have of various tools like Photoshop, WordPress, Animate, and a plethora of others. My second strongest area is art, of which I have a wide array of talents. Web design is obviously my favorite area, but I am also good at photography, sketching, animating, illustrating, writing, and video among others. This is especially useful when producing content for a website, as images and media are crucial for a clean and professional design. Technology is my third passion, more specifically computer technology. As an AV technician and computer hobbyist, I have a lot of fun doing various things like networking, installing operating systems, and coding games and programs. This is helpful as a web designer because it allows me to sympathize with or even be a developer. CSS is my favorite to code in, but I also know a bit of Python, C#, and JavaScript from both my previous college courses and my dabbling in game design. Take a look at my skills or browse the software I am proficient in.