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Memes, Now This is Epic

Memes is a site made with Piwigo to store my memes. Although the content is whimsical, the function of the site is professionally made and configured.


The client was myself and my friends, so the only necessary focus would be making it easy to find and download specific memes that might be needed in the moment.


The main challenge of this site was navigation. I wanted my memes to be easily found and accessible.


The solution to making memes findable was proper labeling and tagging, as well as obvious navigation. Piwigo made it easy to display navigation and directories for images which made the folders organized, and tagging and naming each image would allow them to be easily searched for.


The site functions properly as I intended it, and it makes finding a specific meme easy and fast. My friends and I use it to this day to find specific memes we need that are in our friend group.


Piwigo uses Open Sans as its main font for readability and modern style.


I did not animate for this website.

Color Scheme:
Accentlight blue#6BA1FF
Bodydark gray#1e1f23


AAA The Bean

-Connor, friend