Technology. Art. Design.

I have three major fields of interests, which are technology, art, and design. I have always been fascinated by each, and pursue each in as many ways as I can. I have always been inspired by the work of others, whether through coding in games, writing poetry, fine art, or even floral design: I love to create things, and the more complex the better. I love to solve problems and I dive headfirst into a challenge. Whether that is a drawing to make, a poem to write, a game to develop, or a website to design, I work with passion and strive for excellence no matter what I do (as a wise man once said).


I have always been interested in technology ever since I got my hands on my first computer. Code is a form of poetry to me, and I want to learn to be as good as Shakespeare or William Wordsworth in writing it. Although I do prefer design and art, I see coding as a brush to paint with, or a palette to choose from. Naturally, that would make CSS my favorite to use, although I do know the logic and procedure for more logic-oriented languages such as Python or JavaScript. I also have a hand in the fields of Networking and Operating Systems. As a former AV technician, I had to learn the ins and outs of the network, and it was fun to do so. I also love to mess around with Windows and Linux in my spare time; I like to dual install or use virtual machines to play around with various Linux distributions (my favorite of which are Tails and Debian). I believe both of these as well as my love for technology can strengthen my web design skills and make me an excellent web designer.


Art is my most loved. I try my best to improve every artistic skill I have, some of which include graphic design, poetry, pencil illustration, carpentry, game design, photography, cinematography, and music production. Art is what I love, and I want to tie in my creativity to what I do at my job, so that I can make the best websites I am possible of making.


I love to design things, whether that is a web site, a flyer, a poem, or even code. I love to envision a project in my head and then bring it to life with any pertinent tools I have, and then enjoy it when I know everything is perfect. I love designing everything really, but I can utilize this love of design to make fun and creative websites for my job, as I have done before. A job in design would be my passion, because I simply love to be creative and to put things together for others to enjoy.